Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer is almost here

The garden is growing and summer has just about come upon us. (Though this time I don't have any photos, I'm enjoying my lazy weekend too much.)

Zoe's enjoyed patrolling the yard as well. A neighbor's feral cat that she takes care of has a litter of kittens. Sometimes they explore around our back porch, though they run and hide as soon as they see or hear us. Zoe's been mystified by their meows but hasn't yet seen them. As soon as she does I know she'll run after them trying to play.
"I love kitty cats, they're my favorite!" Zoë
 The "rows" are doing well. Today I discovered that the pumpkins somehow grew through one of the holes in the mini fence surrounding the compost. There's several feet of pumpkin vine and leaves hanging out on the compost. How we didn't notice this until now I'm not sure.

Sadly I'm 96% sure that the Silver Fir Tree tomato plant succumbed to end rot. Every tomato but one that I've picked off of it is either rotten in random spots and/or has funky mold looking white splotches inside the fruit. (Either way we've been unable to eat any of them except for one lone tomato.) As far as the rotting bits, I'm pretty sure it's because the planter we put it in is having problems draining. So not for lack of trying, we're going to scrap the Silver Fir Tree for this year, maybe we'll try again next year. Which speaking of, the Black Seaman isn't doing so well either. There is one large tomato and one baby tomato on it. The large tomato went from varying shades of green to rotten, there was no "just right" phase. I've left it for the bugs, let's see how the baby tomato turns out. I don't have high hopes for it either, as those are the only two tomatoes we've observed on that plant. Things seemed to be doing so well for a while and then both plants seem to have gone downhill rather quickly. The Ciudad Victoria currant tomato plant on the other hand is doing well, no edible tomatoes from it yet though.

On a much happier note we've now been able to eat TWO zucchinis from our garden (one today and one last weekend). I'd like to say they taste amazing and better than anything else I've ever had, but really they taste like regular zucchinis. Though they don't taste any different it's wonderful to eat something and know it came from your yard and all of your hard work! I can't wait for everything else to start bearing edible fruit, we'll be brimming with wonderful vegetable goodness! I can't wait to try crazy recipes using my harvests!

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