Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have no idea what this is and how it came to be there, but look what I discovered while pulling out of the garage on Sunday:

There's a space between the concrete of our house/driveway and the concrete/driveway of the house next door. It looks like it's supposed to be a garden but the gutter also happens to run straight in to it. When we first moved in our landlord put in some latana flowers that I diligently came and watered every few days, during the weeks between when we'd signed the lease but wouldn't move in yet. I had dreams of lush flowers and beauty next to my house. Um yeah they barely flowered, they stayed close to the ground, and they basically looked like woody weeds. Thankfully Zoë's Dad, while doing yard work one weekend recently, pulled up most of the "dead and woody looking weed that's actually a flower" plant. There was some green growth at the front of the "planter" and we just kept it for the time being so there'd be something green and alive there. I really didn't like the bland green shoots/leaves but I figured alive and green was better than "dead weed". In fact I'd even been doing research on what plants might be able to live in that kind of environment and possibly investing in a few down the line. Well now I'm certainly not going to take this baby out. I'm curious as to what it is, how I can promote it's growth/flowering, and if I can grow more of it in that area....

P.S. The reason for the delay between when I "discovered this" and when I posted about it is actually only due to "technical difficulties" that I experienced when trying to upload and share the picture I took on my iPhone. Yeah it was no where near as easy as I thought it'd be. 

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  1. It looks like an iris to me. They like good soil and regular watering. If it's a walking iris, it will put out a leaf that will grow a baby where it touches the ground. They do well in my garden.