Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring time in Tallahassee

Ciudad Victoria Currant Tomato
Last weekend we had a busy Saturday. First we stopped at the Farmer's Market for the first time in months. We stopped by Turkey Hill Farms to purchase one more tomato plant. Farmer Herman helped me out while Zoe tried to play with another dog (he wasn't feeling it and made his opinion clear with some loud nasty barking). Our newest addition to the garden: a baby Ciudad Victoria Currant Tomato plant! Come on, it has my name in it's name, how could I not!?! Farmer Herman was sweet and helpful and makes me want to continue to try to buy as much as I can from them! (Participating in their farm tour this year was just wonderful!)

Springtime Tallahassee
The three of us traversed across town and proceeded on an adventure to find parking. We finally parked somewhere between 1/4 and 1 mile (Zoë's Dad's estimation versus my estimation/exaggeration) from the actual event. Zoë had surprising stamina (for her) and made no signs of slowing down as we went uphill almost the entire way. We were shocked, usually after a few hundred feet she's done. It was totally worth the trek, Springtime Tallahassee was a lot of fun. Unfortunately our timing was bad, we got there 10 minutes before the parade ended and then had to wait while everyone fled from the parade back to their cars. While we waited for the crowd to die down we met several people that were just in love with the little monkey. (Oh, that's another name for Zoë, it's one of our favorites.) She also made quick work of entertaining several little kids, she loved it.
"People are my favorite!" -Zoë This is a favorite of Zoë's with several stipulations: (1) I'm paying attention to them wanting to see me and not something else, 'cause if that's the cases then I'm only paying attention to those other things, (2) I'm not tired, (3) There aren't too many at once, because if there's too many at once I have to look at all of them and I can't spend time with just one, (4) Usually I love little people (aka kids) even more than big people.
I was lucky enough that Zoë's Daddy bought me a really nice bird feeder. I'm hoping that putting this up with bring even more birds and make our back yard full of beautiful living nature (and not just plants). I'm also hoping the squirrels won't ruin it completely for the birds....
 In the background against the house you can see the bird feeder.

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